Bluebird Jazz Band

Bournemouth Bluebird Jazz Club

Jazz for the people of Dorset and West Hampshire, especially Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown, Wimborne, Colehill, Verwood, West Moors and Ringwood. The club meets from 7:30 PM to 10 PM on Mondays at the Bluebird Social Club, 4 Ham Lane, Longham, BH22 9DP, Tel: 01202 570311 (opposite Haskins garden centre). There is ample car parking, a large dance floor and a bar with drinks at affordable prices. Each month we feature one national band and one local band. Admission on the door is £10 for members and £12 for visitors.

Members and prospective visitors can E-mail us by clicking on

Bands booked from March onwards:

Monday 5th March; Tony Waller's Prohibition Jazz

Trumpet; Tony Waller
Clarinet/Saxophone; Terry Quinney
Trombone; Steve Hayes
Piano; Phil Doyle
Double Bass; Barry Glynn
Drums; David Waller

'Tony Waller and his Prohibition Jazz' performed jazz from the 1920's to 30's with music from Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, 'Fats' Waller, Sidney Bechet and Duke Ellington, as well as favourites from Kenny Ball. With versatility being a key factor with this band, there were a few treats in store!

Prohibition Jazz

Monday 12th March; Martin Jones' Acoustic Jass

This traditional jazz band is based near Southampton and travels throughout the south of England. The band has been established for twenty years providing high quality live musical entertainment at many events. Its extensive repertoire comprises well known jazz standards, blues, and the popular music of the early twentieth century, all played in the New Orleans jazz style, the sort of music to entertain all ages. The tunes have a beginning a middle and an end which most people like, and are suitable for listening to in a concert, for dancing or for background music.

Acoustic Jass

Monday 9th April; Dave Moorwood's Rascals of Rhythm.

The Rascals have a very distinctive sound and once heard become instantly recognisable. The band does not fall into any obvious category, which is one of its great strengths and provides a refreshing visit to an era of swinging, carefree jazz with a repertoire drawn from Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver to Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and the wonderful tunesmiths whose work makes up the Great American Songbook. The band is tuneful, swings like mad & exudes energy & enthusiasm and is a well organised and distinctive unit.
The Rascals are fronted by two wonderful musicians in Mike Wills and Tony Blincowe who between them play enough reed instruments to start a shop (or possibly a museum!). They carry on the great traditions of Jimmy Noone and Joe Poston, Mezz Mezzrow and Sidney Bechet, even Wally Fawkes and Bruce Turner! The drumless rhythm section of Dave Moorwood (acoustic guitar), Perry Lock (piano) and Mike Bennett (string bass), 'provides a backdrop as springy as a trampoline and uncluttered as air' (Digby Fairweather).

Rascals of Rhythm

Monday 16th April; The Bluebird Jazz band

Tom Connor (trumpet)
Bernie Murtha (clarinet and alto saxe)
Tony Hurst (trombone)
Chris Newman (keyboard)
Peter McCurrie (bass)
Doug Kennedy (banjo)
John Hall (drums).
This is now the regular line up of our resident band and very good they are. They will be performing again for us on 25th June.

Bluebird Jazz Band

Monday 14th May; The Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz band

Tony Purse (trumpet, vocals)
Ron Ager (clarinet, tenor sax, vocals)
Tom Pearce (trombone)
TBD (bass)
George Skidmore (banjo, guitar, vocals)
John Hall (drums).

The Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band was formed in the early Spring of 2006, by drummer Stan Bowers and trumpeter Tony Purse to fill the vacancy caused by the sudden departure of the resident band from the Lamb Inn at Winkton.
The name was chosen to reflect the band's interest in the laid back musical style associated with New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz at the beginning of the 20th century. Also, Stan is the proprietor of 'Panama Hat Promotions' the company behind the Highcliffe Jazz Festival and various other Jazz extravaganzas. Hence, the Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band.
The normally six-piece band consists of the conventional Trumpet, Reed and Trombone front line, backed by Banjo/Guitar, Bass and Drums. They play their interpretations of the blues, rags, spirituals and popular songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band

Monday 21st May; John Maddocks Jazzmen

John Maddocks (reeds, vocals)
Peter Wilkinson or Tom Connor (trumpet)
Chris Gower (trombone)
Chris Satterley (keyboard, vocals)
Doug Kennedy (banjo)
Peter McCurrie (string bass, tuba, sousaphone)
Brian Barker (drums)

The John Maddocks Jazzmen are mainly from Dorset and Hampshire. The band has been in existence for 47 years. John had previously enjoyed success with The Black Bottom Stompers a band which he formed whilst a very young man in London.
The Jazzmen have their own sound brought about mainly by the unique style of John himself. John was originally inspired by the fine clarinettist Johnny Dodds, but John is his own man and encompasses influences from all over the traditional jazz spectrum. Personnel changes have been few over the years but one or two in the band can still claim to have been at least twenty five years younger when they first joined. The Band is well known for its drive and cohesiveness and the inclusion of some seldom heard tunes in the repertoire. The band continues to be popular for all kinds of functions throughout the UK including most of the major jazz venues and festivals, also toured extensively in Holland, Germany and Belgium. There have been broadcasts and many CD issues.

John Maddocks' Jazzmen

Monday 11th June; New Orleans Heat

A seven piece band playing the old style New Orleans jazz, recreating the music of the crescent city, be it a stomp, blues, hymn, spiritual or pop song of the day. In the style of the late great, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands. Their motto is "helping to keep the real jazz alive" travelling extensively over the UK & Europe playing jazz clubs, theatres, hotels, jazz festivals, church concerts and private engagements.

The regular seven piece line up is
Richard Church cornet/trumpet
Dave Vickers trombone
John Scantlebury or Roger Bird clarinet/sax
Barry Grummett piano
Colin Bushell drums
Harry Slater bass
Alan Birkinhead banjo.

New Orleans Heat

Monday 9th July; The Sussex Jazz Kings

Superb traditional jazz from an always entertaining and fun-loving band. The Sussex Jazz Kings are led by Dave Stradwick, the well-known player of hot, traditional jazz trumpet. The band has built up great success due to their great musical ability along with the fun and rapport they build up with their audiences.

The regular line up is
Dave Stradwick (cornet)
Bernard Stutt (clarinet)
Ian Mcauley (trombone)
Peter Clancy (string bass and sousaphone)
Paul Sealy (banjo and guitar)
Pete Lay (drums).

Sussex Jazz Kings

Other Bands booked from July to December are:

Monday 23rd July; The Memphis Jazz Men
Monday 13th August; Black Cat Jazz
Monday 10th September; New Orleans Z'hulus
Monday 8th October; Colin Bryant's Hot Rhythm Jazz Band
Monday 12th November; John Maddocks' Jazzmen
Monday 10th December; Sunset Café Stompers

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