Bluebird Jazz Band

Bournemouth Bluebird Jazz Club

Jazz for the people of Dorset and West Hampshire, especially Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown, Wimborne, Colehill, Verwood, West Moors and Ringwood. The club meets on Mondays at the Bluebird Social Club, 4 Ham Lane, Longham, BH22 9DP, Tel: 01202 570311 (opposite Haskins garden centre). There is ample car parking, a large dance floor and a bar with drinks at affordable prices. Each month we try to feature at least one national band and one local band. Admission on the door is £12 for members and £14 for visitors. Doors open 6:30PM and jazz from 7PM to 9:30PM.

Members and prospective visitors can E-mail us by clicking on

Bands booked for 2023 (click on any highlighted name for details further down page):

Monday 6th March; Clarinet Marmalade
Monday 20th March; James Emmett's Ragtime Revellers
Monday 3rd April; The Golden Eagle Jazz Band
Monday 17th April; The Bluebird Jazz Band
Monday 15th May; John Maddocks with the Bluebird Quartet
Monday 5th June; The Bluebird Jazz Band
Monday 19th June; Martin Jones' Acoustic Jass
Monday 3rd July; Tim Eyles' Mardi Gras
Monday 17th July; The Pedigree Hot Five
Monday 7th August; Dave Moorwood's Rascals of Rhythm
Monday 14th August; The Bluebird Jazz Band
Monday 4th September; Clarinet Marmalade
Monday 18th September; James Emmett's Ragtime Revellers
Monday 2nd October; The Bluebird Jazz Band
Monday 16th October; The Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band
Monday 6th November; Tony Waller's Prohibition Jazz
Monday 20th November; James Emmett's Ragtime Revellers
Monday 4th December; Harry Strutters Hot Seven
Monday 11th December; Tipsy Swing (Gypsy Jazz)

Band details:

James Emmett's Ragtime Revellers

James Emmetts' Ragtime Revellers, comprises:

Michael White - trombone
Oleg Zaremskyi - soprano sax and clarinet
Graham Majin - tenor sax and vocals
Steff Emmett - washboard
James Emmett - tuba or sousaphone.

Traditional Jazz has seen many revivals over the last 50 years. The first being in the 50s with the likes of Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen and again in the 1970s with bands that topped the charts such as The Temperance 7.

Today, James and the gang are proud to present the Ragtime Revellers! Initially formed in 2012. James Emmett had a vision to bring live traditional good time jazz back into the public eye and into the gardens and organisations of all those who love live music. This band attracted the greatest club attendance of 2022


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Clarinet Marmalade

The combination of two reed players works well and has sounded great throughout the recorded history of jazz and swing music. One only has to think of the Jimmy Noone Apex Club Orchestra in the 1920s, the Mezzrow/Bechet Quintet, the wonderful saxophone duets of the likes of Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster and the Soprano Summit of Bob Wilbur and Kenny Daverne in the 1970s, to understand the popularity of the format.

For this group, reed players Chris Walker and Tony Carter (pictured below) are backed by the superb rhythm section of Greg Painter on piano, John Seaman or Peter McCurrie on double bass and John Bell on drums plus clarinet at times. Chris and Tony introduce the show with anecdotes and occasional jokes and all the arrangements have been carefully crafted to create just the right treatment of each song. You can be sure that the audience will leave at the end of the concert with a spring in their step and a song in their hearts.

Chris_Walker     Tony_Carter

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The Old Thumper Hot Five

The Old Thumper Hot Five is sponsored by The Ringwood Brewery and is a five piece traditional Dixieland band comprising Trumpet, Clarinet, Piano, Bass & Drums. All the musicians live in the Solent area and have worked together in a variety of combinations over many years. So you can expect good, foot tapping, danceable hot jazz in the traditional style from this very local band.

The Usual Line up is:
Chris Walker (Clarinet/Saxophone)
Andy Chislett (Trumpet & Flugel Horn)
Jon Bell (Drums)
Greg Painter (keyboard)
Peter McCurrie (Double Bass)

Old Thumper JB

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The Solent City Jazzmen

You are all welcome to enjoy an evening of superb traditional New Orleans Jazz and dancing with the Solent City Jazzmen. Embracing their years of experience and skill the Jazzmen recreate the intimate atmosphere of an old Orleans Jazz club, so you can revel and dance the night away to those wonderful classic tunes.

The Solent City Jazzmen are:
Trumpet: Cuff Billett
Trombone: John Wiseman
Clarinet and Saxophones: Tony Carter
Piano: Chris Satterly
Banjo: George Skidmore
Double Bass: Ray Goold
Drums: Peter Littleproud.

Solent City Jazzmen

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Tony Waller's Prohibition Jazz

Trumpet; Tony Waller
Clarinet/Saxophone; Terry Quinney
Trombone; Steve Hayes
Piano; Phil Doyle
Double Bass; Barry Glynn
Drums; David Waller

'Tony Waller and his Prohibition Jazz' performed jazz from the 1920's to 30's with music from Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, 'Fats' Waller, Sidney Bechet and Duke Ellington, as well as favourites from Kenny Ball. With versatility being a key factor with this band, there were a few treats in store!

Prohibition Jazz

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Martin Jones' Acoustic Jass

This traditional jazz band is based near Southampton and travels throughout the south of England. The band has been established for twenty years providing high quality live musical entertainment at many events. Its extensive repertoire comprises well known jazz standards, blues, and the popular music of the early twentieth century, all played in the New Orleans jazz style, the sort of music to entertain all ages. The tunes have a beginning a middle and an end which most people like, and are suitable for listening to in a concert, for dancing or for background music.

Acoustic Jass

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Dave Moorwood's Rascals of Rhythm.

The Rascals have a very distinctive sound and once heard become instantly recognisable. The band does not fall into any obvious category, which is one of its great strengths and provides a refreshing visit to an era of swinging, carefree jazz with a repertoire drawn from Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver to Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and the wonderful tunesmiths whose work makes up the Great American Songbook. The band is tuneful, swings like mad & exudes energy & enthusiasm and is a well organised and distinctive unit.
The Rascals are fronted by two wonderful musicians in Mike Wills and Tony Blincowe who between them play enough reed instruments to start a shop (or possibly a museum!). They carry on the great traditions of Jimmy Noone and Joe Poston, Mezz Mezzrow and Sidney Bechet, even Wally Fawkes and Bruce Turner! The drumless rhythm section of Dave Moorwood (acoustic guitar), Geoff Barwell (piano) and Mike Bennett (string bass), 'provides a backdrop as springy as a trampoline and uncluttered as air' (Digby Fairweather).

Rascals of Rhythm

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The Bluebird Jazz Band

Tom Connor (trumpet)
Bernie Murtha (clarinet and alto sax)
Tony Hurst (trombone)
Chris Newman (keyboard)
Peter McCurrie (bass)
George Skidmore (banjo and guitar)
John Hall (drums).
This is now the regular line up of our resident band and very good they are.

Bluebird Jazz Band

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The Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band

Tony Purse (trumpet, vocals)
Ron Ager (clarinet, tenor sax, vocals)
Tom Pearce (trombone)
TBD (bass)
George Skidmore (banjo, guitar, vocals)
John Hall (drums).

The Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band was formed in the early Spring of 2006, by drummer Stan Bowers and trumpeter Tony Purse to fill the vacancy caused by the sudden departure of the resident band from the Lamb Inn at Winkton.
The name was chosen to reflect the band's interest in the laid back musical style associated with New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz at the beginning of the 20th century. Also, Stan is the proprietor of 'Panama Hat Promotions' the company behind the Highcliffe Jazz Festival and various other Jazz extravaganzas. Hence, the Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band.
The normally six-piece band consists of the conventional Trumpet, Reed and Trombone front line, backed by Banjo/Guitar, Bass and Drums. They play their interpretations of the blues, rags, spirituals and popular songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Panama Hat New Orleans Jazz Band

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John Maddocks' Jazzmen

John Maddocks (reeds, vocals)
Peter Wilkinson (trumpet, vocals)
Chris Gower (trombone)
Chris Satterley (keyboard, vocals)
George Skidmore (banjo and guitar)
Peter McCurrie (string bass, tuba, sousaphone)
John Hall (drums)

The John Maddocks Jazzmen are mainly from Dorset and Hampshire. The band has been in existence for 47 years. John had previously enjoyed success with The Black Bottom Stompers a band which he formed whilst a very young man in London.
The Jazzmen have their own sound brought about mainly by the unique style of John himself. John was originally inspired by the fine clarinettist Johnny Dodds, but John is his own man and encompasses influences from all over the traditional jazz spectrum. Personnel changes have been few over the years but one or two in the band can still claim to have been at least twenty five years younger when they first joined. The Band is well known for its drive and cohesiveness and the inclusion of some seldom heard tunes in the repertoire. The band continues to be popular for all kinds of functions throughout the UK including most of the major jazz venues and festivals, also toured extensively in Holland, Germany and Belgium. There have been broadcasts and many CD issues.

John Maddocks' Jazzmen

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New Orleans Heat

A seven piece band playing the old style New Orleans jazz, recreating the music of the crescent city, be it a stomp, blues, hymn, spiritual or pop song of the day. In the style of the late great, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands. Their motto is "helping to keep the real jazz alive" travelling extensively over the UK & Europe playing jazz clubs, theatres, hotels, jazz festivals, church concerts and private engagements.

The regular seven piece line up is
Richard Church, cornet/trumpet
Dave Vickers, trombone
John Scantlebury, clarinet/sax
Barry Grummett, leader on keyboard
Colin Bushell, drums
Harry Slater, bass
Ted Smith, banjo.

New Orleans Heat

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The Sussex Jazz Kings

Superb traditional jazz from an always entertaining and fun-loving band. The Sussex Jazz Kings are led by Dave Stradwick, the well-known player of hot, traditional jazz cornet. The band has built up great success due to their great musical ability along with the fun and rapport they build up with their audiences.

The regular line up is
Dave Stradwick (cornet)
Bernard Stutt (clarinet)
Ian Mcauley (trombone)
Peter Clancy (string bass and sousaphone)
Paul Sealy (banjo and guitar)
Pete Lay (drums).

Sussex Jazz Kings

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Black Cat Jazz

Formed in 2014, Black Cat Jazz is an exciting band combining some of the most accomplished jazz musicians from South Wales and the West Country who aim to perform music in an authentic New Orleans "Dance Hall" style.

Black Cat Jazz is inspired by the music created by musicians from New Orleans who came to prominence during the traditional jazz revival period of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. As our starting point, they select tunes that were played by Bunk Johnson, Punch Miller, George Lewis, Emmanuel Paul, the Humphrey brothers, Kids: Ory, Howard, Clayton and Thomas, amongst others too numerous to mention. They attempt to recreate the atmosphere of their great performances without directly copying or presenting a "museum piece".

They emphasise ensemble playing as opposed to individual instrument solos and wherever possible play without amplification except for announcements and vocals. The New Orleans bands playing the dance halls were, for the most part, seated during their performance. The bands would need to be prepared to play a wide variety of current pop songs of the day, nostalgic songs from the turn of the 19th century, traditional jazz standards, parade tunes and even rock'n'roll and blues. They made the bulk of their income on tips that resulted from playing whatever requests came their way from the audience.

These are the practices of the musicians Black Cat Jazz seek to emulate, and they find that this produces an authentic and musical experience where the instruments find their own natural balance together. If you are expecting a high-volume, amplified band that stands up while playing lots of notes, very quickly - then please look elsewhere.

We think the authenticity and quality of this approach speaks for itself and if you are interested in a tasteful and exciting musical experience based on the live performance of New Orleans jazz in the New Orleans "Dance Hall" style of the mid-20th Century, you will not be disappointed with Black Cat Jazz!

Band members:

Musical direction and trumpet by Steve Graham
Tom Whittingham plays trombone and occasional euphonium
John Scantlebury blowing on clarinet and alto sax
Powerhouse drummer Pete Winterhart is the driving force behind the band
Sarah Thatcher laying down rock steady banjo and guitar
Spike Kennedy dynamic string bass slapping

Black Cat Jazz

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Colin Bryant's Hot Rhythm

They are recognised as one of the most professional Jazz and Swing Bands playing on the music scene today. The band specialises in Jazz and Dance Music of the roaring 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's and can provide music for every taste with the exception of pop and chart music.
  The six top class instrumentalists are led by virtuoso clarinetist Colin Bryant who doubles on saxophone and comperes the band's musical programme. The Hot Rhythm line-up also includes trumpet/vocals, trombone/vocals, string bass doubling on Sousaphone, banjo/guitar/vocals and drummer/percussionist. Keyboards may be added for certain engagements. The band can augment as required.
   The repertoire of the band includes tunes and compositions made famous by such greats as Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, The Original Dixie Jazz Band, Glenn Miller, the Dorsey Brothers and many more. A special feature of the band is a swinging set from the Glenn Miller era.

Colin Bryant

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Memphis Jazz Men

The main members of this band are based in Weymouth so it can be considered local. It evolved from the Alan James Band that was resident at the New Forest Jazz Club at Sandy Balls for many years. The musical style is varied, ranging from Dixieland through the swing era to the traditional jazz of the 1960s. Regular band members are:
Tom Connor; leader, trumpet, vocals
Mike Snelling; clarinet, tenor sax, vocals
Tony Hurst; trombone, sometimes bass sax
Mark Ward; keyboard, sometimes vibraphone
Rex Dorman; string bass
Phil Moore; drums.

Memphis Jazzmen

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Richard Leach Street Band

Richard first played trombone at Bushey Grammar School near Watford in 1962. After five years classical training he ventured into the London jazz scene and experienced playing alongside Humphrey Lyttelton, Acker Bilk, Ken Colyer, Terry Lightfoot, Johnny Dankworth and many others.
He led his own Northside Jazz band for 26 years with top names such as George Webb, Harry Gold, Joe Daniels, John Bastable, Bruce Turner, Beryl Bryden, Roy Williams and Digby Fairweather all guesting with the band.
In 1998 Richard turned to jazz professionally for a third time and joined the Pete Allen Jazz Band touring Europe and the UK for the next six years.
After parting company with Pete Allen in September 2004 Richard channelled his efforts into a new band, the 7 Stars of Jazz, formed the previous year and making a large impact on the UK jazz club and festival scene.
In 2012 the Richard Leach Street Band came into being when he was asked to provide a strolling traditional jazz ensemble to play at various town centre locations during the annual Food & Music Festival in his home town of Droitwich, Worcestershire. The infectious two-beat nature of the rhythm is helped along by the inclusion of a sousaphone and the band is fast gaining fans on the jazz club circuit along with a festival debut at Upton-on-Severn made at Upton-on-Severn in 2018 and is already booked to play for a Saga river cruise down the Rhine and Moselle in August 2020. Regular band members are:
Richard Leach; leader, trombone
Arthur Brown, Kevin Grenfell or Tony Pipkin; trumpet
Chris Pearce or Matt Palmer; clarinet
Ian Parry; banjo
Terry McGrath or Dave Deakin; sousaphone
Nick Ward; drums.

Richard Leach Street Band

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The Dart Valley Stompers

The Dart Valley Stompers band was formed in 2005 with the aim of playing lively and exciting Traditional & New Orleans jazz and features Award Winning Reed Player Jeremy Huggett on Clarinet, Saxophones & Vocals. Since its formation the band has proved to be very successful and has built up a strong following with audiences up and down the country.
Based in the South West, The Dart Valley Stompers is one of the most popular and busiest bands in the country. They regularly perform to capacity crowds at Jazz Clubs and Festivals both in the UK and abroad with demands from audiences and promoters that they quickly make a return visit!
With a repertoire firmly rooted in Traditional & New Orleans jazz The Dart Valley Stompers is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and stomping. This is definitely a band not to be missed !

Standard line-up:
Jeremy Huggett; Clarinet, Saxes & Vocals
Graham Trevarton; Trumpet & Vocals
Kevin Grenfell; Trombone & Vocals
Howard Williams; Banjo & Guitar
Keith Tolley; Double Bass
Chris Stockings; Drums

JEREMY HUGGETT; Clarinet, Saxes & Vocals
Jeremy is the founder and leader of the band and is renowned for his masterly playing of his saxophones & clarinet, his arranging and composing skills and his vocal renditions. He's been playing music from an early age having learnt flute and piano as a child adding saxes, clarinet and vocals in his early twenties. As a very young man he won a prestigious award for his playing and served an 'apprenticeship' as a sideman with several nationally acclaimed bands before branching out into leading bands of his own.
Since then, Jeremy's musical career has gone from strength to strength and has seen him playing with famous names all over the UK and abroad including Acker Bilk, Digby Fairweather, Cy Laurie, George Melly, Humphrey Lyttleton, Danny Moss, Tommy Burton, Beryl Brydon, Enrico Tomasso, Jim Fryer, Roy Williams, Dave Newton and the list goes on. Under his enthusiastic leadership the Dart Valley Stompers have appeared at clubs and festivals throughout the UK and abroad as well as on radio and national TV.

GRAHAM TREVARTON; Trumpet, Cornet & Vocals
Graham provides a strong lead on both trumpet and cornet and also contributes with his vocals. He began his musical career at an early age playing cornet and was soon appearing at concerts as the featured soloist in brass bands.
During this time Graham began to develop a love of jazz. Influenced by the sounds of the early Paul Whiteman Orchestra and Bix Beiderbeck he plays in a melodic & lyrical style whilst maintaining a solid lead. Graham Trevarton Graham is a very experienced musician having worked with several different bands throughout the UK.

KEVIN GRENFELL; Trombone & Vocals
Kevin started his musical career as a boy with the Cornwall Youth Orchestra and brass bands in Cornwall. With this firm grounding Kevin enlisted at the age of 18 as a musician in the Queen's Own Hussars, Royal Amour Corps and studied for 2 years at The Royal Military School of Music. On completion he returned to the QOH as principal trombone and featured soloist, which involved extensive touring and concert engagements all over Europe.
After leaving the army Kevin spent several years free-lancing in London before returning to the South-West for further study at the Dartington College of Arts where he obtained a B.A. in Music and the Performing Arts. Since that time Kevin has become well-established and respected as both a trombonist and a vocalist in the UK and tours extensively across Europe with a wide variety of ensembles.

Howard is an experienced banjo and guitar player who is comfortable playing all styles of music. He originally started performing in skiffle and folk groups but soon developed a love of jazz. Howard has worked regularly with a variety of bands throughout the UK playing a range of different musical styles including Traditional & New Orleans jazz. Howard Williams His driving style on both banjo and guitar helps to give the Dart Valley Stompers their unique stomping sound.

Keith started playing music from an early age as a self-taught guitarist. Whilst at college he began playing bass guitar in a rock group and was soon performing at local gigs. Keith developed an interest in jazz as an avid listener of his the collection of Chris Barber LPs owned by his big brother. This whetted his appetite to play jazz and he bought a double bass.
Originally performing local gigs around South Wales Keith later branched out playing all over the UK and abroad in a variety of bands. During his musical career he has played with some of the top jazz musicians in the UK, including Digby Fairweather and the Alex Welsh band trombonist, Roy Williams.

Chris comes from a musical family and began playing music at an early age. He is a very versatile drummer and plays a wide range of styles including traditional, mainstream & swing. Chris attended Huddersfield Music College where he studied orchestral percussion and piano and performed in classical orchestras including a concert at the Royal Festival Hall. Chris Stockings Throughout his musical career Chris has worked with a number of different bands playing a wide range of music in a variety of settings including clubs, festivals & theatres. Chris is a listening drummer and provides sympathetic backing whilst continuing to propel the band along with its characteristic stomping style.


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Doc Houlind's Revival All Stars

Kristian Barfoed; Trombone
-) Ragnar Tretow-sweden; Trumpet
LIS KRØYER; Keyboard
DOC HOULIND; Drums, Vocals

Doc Houlind is a former PAPA BUE musician. His band comprises young and old musicians, all with a common interest in early Papa Bue numbers as well as early New Orleans jazz, such as was presented during the revival jazz period that led to the the jazz boom of the 1960's in Europe. These include Kid Ory's and Louis Armstrong's Bands, which are inspired by more soloist performances and in particular George Lewis's orchestras with fantastic ensemble playing in the form of rhythmic tailgate trumpet woven together with clarinet jumps from height to depth around melodic dynamic trumpet. Finally, the band has found the ideal formation for such interaction, where everyone has, without exception, the same attitude and musical perception to create Traditional Jazz music of the highest class. This project seems to have succeeded beyond all expectation, as the clubs and festivals seem enthusiastic and the orchestra has musical glow in their eyes. However, all this could not succeed without the compact swinging rhythm group with Miss Sweet Purnell in the form of Lis Krøyer's lovely female figure and with Doc Houlind on drums formerly known from Papa Bue and Sammy Rimimngton's bands and with banjo and bass in a rhythm group that together a delightfully distinctive up beat, and the repertoire ranges from pure New Orleans and newer Armstrong to the best Papa Bue hits. Demanded throughout Europe, the band has now become, and is regularly represented at, the festivals in Ascona (CH), Rapperswil (CH), MEILEN (CH), Gent-brew (BE), Haugesund (N), (SV), ALLINGSÅS ( SV), Maribo JF (DK), FEMØ JF (DK) and TUNØ JF (DK) plus GÖTEBORG and HELLEVIK JF in Sweden as well as the FRENCH QUARTER Festival in New Orleans and in the famous PRESERVATION HALL,


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The Golden Eagle Jazz Band

Inspired by the music of the revival, the "Golden Eagle" plays New Orleans jazz the way it was meant to be played, that is, with a powerful and melodic front line and a hard driving rhythm section. Thye have been described as "The band that has the New Orleans bounce", "An excellent dance band" and "A band that will reach the heights of popularity". These comments and many more like them has helped the band secure bookings at many of the countries leading jazz establishments and festivals as well as numerous private and corporate functions.

The standard line up is:
Kevin Scott. Tenor banjo/Leader
Alan Cresswell. Clarinet
Malc Murphy. Drums
Chris Thompson. Double Bass
Tony Karavis. Cornet
Roy Stokes. Trombone


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Roger Marks' Brass Farthings with Pete Allen

Band members:
Roger Marks; trombone
Pete Allen; clarinet
Pete Sumner; banjo
Dave Holdsworth; Sousaphone.

More Details to follow

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The Sopranos

The Sopranos is an exciting six piece jazz band, formed in 2014 by reeds men Chris Pearce and Andy Leggett, playing a wide variety of swinging jazz with influences ranging from New Orleans, to Arlo Guthrie, via Sydney Bechet, Johnny Dodds and Jimmy Noone.
The band's performances feature Chris and Andy playing a full range of reed instruments including soprano, alto and tenor sax, clarinet, and even penny whistle and vocals too. The band's lineup and sound is influenced by The Blue Notes, a band that Chris played with in Bristol for nearly 30 years, and is backed by a rhythm section of Rachel Hayward on guitar and banjo, Tony Sharp on double bass and Dave Andrews on drums. The lineup is completed with the addition of trombonist David Deakin to create a unique six piece band.
Featuring two reed players, the band is able to recreate the exciting soprano sax and clarinet sounds of famous musicians such as Sydney Bechet, Jimmy Noone and Johnny Dodds. Alongside exciting arrangements of Sydney Bechet tunes, the band's wide repertoire is drawn from artists as diverse as Ellington, W.C. Handy, King Oliver, Carmichael, Gershwin, Morton and Arlo Guthrie. Together with jazz standards and jazz tunes from the Dixieland and New Orleans traditions and early 20th century dance bands, the band is guaranteed to put on an entertaining show!


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Tim Eyles Mardi Gras

This is a new band with Tim on vocals (he has given up trumpet), John Bell on drums & clarinet, Chris Walker on clarinet and sax, Ken Ames on banjo & guitar and Pete Maxfield on bass. The music is a mixture of New Orleans to jump jive and spirituals.


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Tony Waller Capone Quartet

This is a new band with Tony on tuba, Peter Rudeforth on trumpet for this gig, Paul Francis on keys, and David Waller on drums and washboard.


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Harry Strutters Hot Six

Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra was formed in Brighton in May 1968. Initially a quartet it grew over the years into an 8-piece Orchestra plus two featured vocalists. As well as its authentic 1920's sound it was also famed for its zany comedy routines. Outgrowing the pubs of Brighton the Orchestra played at most of the major venues and Festivals across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

Nowadays,  the cabaret routine has gone and the Orchestra in co-operation  with the Lindy Hop Dance Company has concentrated on the promotion of  its  successful  show  Swinging at the Cotton Club,- an exciting recreation of the New York Harlem nightclub - at theatres throughout the  UK and Europe.

In addition,  the Orchestra and several smaller combinations have continued to entertain audiences in clubs and at events in the UK. On Monday 2 August 2021, Harry Strutters Hot Six will feature the following musicians.

Mike 'Megs' Etherington - Cornet and vocals
Tony Carter - Reeds
Martin Litton - Piano
Jon Bell - Drums
Peter McCurrie - Sousaphone and double bass
Maurice Dennis - Banjo and guitar.


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Tony Robinson's Chicago Jazz Aces

Tony Robinson (trumpet)
Mike Snelling (clarinet and tenor sax)
Richard Lonnen (trombone)
Greg Painter (keyboard)
John Seaman (bass)
Hayden McCarthy (drums)
Barbara Lorraine (vocals).
This is a traditional dixieland jazz band in the exciting Chicago style of the twenties, excellent for dancing, jiving or just listening to.

Tony Robinson's Chicago Jazz Aces

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Andy Dickens' Hot Gumbos

Andy Dickens (trumpet)
Trevor Whiting (clarinet and sax)
Mark Aston (clarinet and sax)
Brett Neville (bass)
Richie Bryant (drums)
Simon Picton (banjo and guitar).

Andy Dickens is a freelance jazz trumpeter who plays swing, mainstream, Dixieland and New Orleans Jazz. His lively trumpet and flugelhorn playing evokes the warmth and exuberance of Mardi Gras New Orleans; the heat of Chicago clubland and the excitement of small-band New York swing.
A frequent guest at European jazz festivals, he has played with many English and American notables including Slim Gaillard; Ken Peplowski; Joe Darensbourg; Franz Jackson; Jason Marsalis; Humphrey Littleton; Terry Lightfoot; Judith Durham; Clark Tracey; Bruce Turner; Jools Holland; Duncan Lamont; David Newton; Pete King and Peter Ind.
His current list of musical associates includes Julian Marc Stringle; Adrian Cox; Pete Allen; Tim Husskisson; Trevor Whiting; Duncan Hempstock; Emily Dickens; Al Nichols; Simon Picton; Graham Hughes; Bobby Worth; Martin Litton and Craig Milverton.
Often featured as a guest musician with other bands his own concerts are punctuated with song and off-beat observations, and his typically wry presentation results in a programme that is entertaining and draws from the finest traditions in jazz.


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The Pedigree Jazz Band

Chris Walker (Leader, Clarinet)
Tony Mann (Trombone)
Andy Chislett (Trumpet)
John Noddings (Banjo & Guitar)
Mike Bennett (Double Bass)
Sy Gorelick (Drums).

Chris Walker presented a weekly Jazz Programme broadcast by radio stations all over the world for over 30 years. However he is also a very fine musician and was a founder member of the famous Real Ale and Thunder Band. Its many TV appearances, included a Songs of Praise for the BBC.
A while ago he decided to get back to his roots and recreate the hit tunes of the British Trad Jazz boom of the 50s and 60s. To do this he formed The Pedigree Jazz Band. In their show SALUTE TO TRAD JAZZ they play the most popular tunes of the era, such as Midnight in Moscow, Petite Fleur, Green Leaves of Summer and many others. The band has proved to be a resounding success, with rave reviews and repeat bookings from nearly everywhere they perform.
Hence they now tour extensively, and if you miss them when they are in your area, you will miss out on a great show. The success of this venture is greatly helped with continuing sponsorship from Marstons Brewery.


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